What is a measure in music

What is a measure in music?

In over 10 years producing music, a vast majority of the producers I’ve worked with have no formal music training. One of the awesome things about producing electronic music is that it’s accessible, even if you don’t have much (or any) formal education. It’s common for producers to not play an instrument, or know much […]

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Skrillex Rumble Tutorial

Skrillex Rumble Tutorial

Among Skrillex’s many accomplishments, one of the most interesting is that in 15 years, he has only put out one studio album, 2014’s Recess. It almost seems impossible that an artist with 8 Grammy awards could have just one studio album, but all of that changes January 6, 2023. Skrillex will release his second studio album, 9

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Dual Mono vs Stereo

Dual Mono vs Stereo: The Difference Explained!

This article will explain the difference in dual mono vs stereo audio configurations. If you’re investing in quality headphones, audio interfaces, and monitors. you may be sacrificing audio quality by not using these configurations correctly. At first these concepts can seem confusing. Some of that is because certain terms are used interchangeably but we’ll simplify

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