Skrillex Rumble Tutorial

Skrillex Rumble Tutorial

Among Skrillex’s many accomplishments, one of the most interesting is that in 15 years, he has only put out one studio album, 2014’s Recess. It almost seems impossible that an artist with 8 Grammy awards could have just one studio album, but all of that changes January 6, 2023. Skrillex will release his second studio album, 9 years after Recess, titled Rumble. This Skrillex Rumble tutorial is to help anyone inspired from the new release or just some of his older tracks recreate some of Skrillex’s signature sounds and techniques.

Rumble will be released on 1/6 via Atlantic Records and Owsla, and you can get a sneak peek of it here on Skrillex’s Twitter.

Table of Contents

1. Six Production Tips From Skrillex

Who better to learn from than from Skrillex himself? Sol State was able to compile 6 great tips from a long since deleted Twitter steam with some killer tips, and is a great place start getting inside Skillex’s producer brain.

2. Future Bass Style Skrillex

MayFlwr has been putting out some really great content, and his How To Skrillex tutorial is one of his best. He makes a very Skrillex-esq future bass track complete with some of the hallmarks of Skrillex’s production. Even if you don’t FL Studio, a lot of what he’s doing here will apply to your DAW too, so don’t miss out!

3. Skrillex Style Metallic Bass

Draeden dropped this quick 10 minute tutorial a few years back that perfectly captures the spirit of the metallic bass sounds Skrillex uses to such great effect. He’s designing this patch in Serum, but you can apply the same techniques to any other wavetable synth in your arsenal.

4. Call and Response Techniques

This tutorial by AHEE breaks down the nuanced call and response techniques Skrillex mastered in his songwriting. This is one of those techniques that is so simple, but ads SO much to a track. AHEE also does a great job explaining in this excellent deep dive.

5. Skrillex Style Vocal Chords

Ableton Tips made this awesome tutorial on Skrillex style vocal chord sounds and we love how it features JUST the stock plugins of Ableton Live. This really hammers home how you can do so much with the stock plugins, and still get professional results. The fact that this video is 8 minutes flat is also crazy, so well explained in so little time!

6. Bonus from the master himself...

This isn’t a tutorial per say, but Skrillex released this video for Mumbai Power and it’s just him clicking through a ton of the settings and plugins on the actual Ableton file for the track. This kind of content always fascinates me, I love getting to see how different producers organize their tracks, process some of their sounds, and I love that Skrillex posted something like this. It’s definitely worth a watch!


There are so many great tutorials on YouTube, this was just a handful to help get the creative juices flowing. I am really excited to give Skrillex’s album a listen when it drops, and to try to recreate some of the things I hear. 

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